Based around two specific meteorological issues, costal erosion and inland flooding, both associated with extreme weather events, teams will asses the issues around climate change and develop solutions/scenarios around how The Netherlands and Ireland might adapt to these apparent changes. Should they fight or should we flight?

We need to debate how we should cope, with two clear emotions on display; the need to protect a way of life for people living in these affected areas and the protection of the natural environment for the ecosystem services it provides.  Both emotions have environmental, social and economic implications.

The challenge for our society is to change using the principles of sustainable development, taking heed of environmental, social and economic aspects.  But how do we change?  Do we fight or do we flight?



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    Presentations look good, and Laurent, your vlog intro was perfect.
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  2. Declan Feeney

    Good work this week guys. Keep going! 😀

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